5 Tips For Selling Your Property During Winter

Winter season has always been viewed in the market as the “cooler” period to buy and sell a home due to its natural conditions. From the hassles of getting the snow off to the unaccommodating weather that makes you want to stay home instead, it seems that people don’t dare to risk it. It’s like planting strawberries hoping for oranges to pop up out of the blue.

However, this is not actually the case for Melbourne. Snow is extremely rare in this city, making winter the ideal time to sell property despite the chilling atmosphere. Generally, competition is narrowed down during this season, increasing your chances of a sale. While buyers are also lessened, 99% of the time they are really adamant about purchasing a property due to personal reasons. This is also a perfect opportunity to showcase your home, as its ability to withstand harsh climate could gain you plus points. Combining these advantages, this move is actually strategic.

Convinced? If you are, then allow us to share with you some tips to effectively market your home. Capitalize on these tactics and you would surely outsell the competition and avoid rubbing elbows with them during the peak season.

  1. The exterior must be appealing and free of obstacles.

It is understandable – the chills can be unforgiving and staying in is the ideal thing to do during winter. However, potential impediments and hazards have to be removed while you are showing off the property, in any case. Remember that these are serious buyers and a simple accident could make a difference between a sale and a bad reputation. Generally, you need to clear your exterior from dirt as well. It could be a pain, but proper maintenance gives the client an impression that the home is well-kept.

  1. Keep the interior warm and cozy.

This is the right time to show off how your house could take the cold. Make sure your heater is on during the visit, to give an impression that your home is a cozy place to live – and check if the heater works properly as well. People would normally want to lie down during winter so give them that vibe. If you have a fireplace, it is even better. Winter is definitely their time to shine, as you do not normally use them during summer or fall, right? Fireplaces make homes dramatic yet inviting at the same time. If you have both and you are saving money, try to strike a balance when using them. It is worth the effort.

  1. Show references that connect the buyer to the house.

Now that you have successfully made them feel warm and accommodated, give them your best sales pitch – here’s the catch: You are not going to do it persuasively. Let your home do all the talking. Actions speak louder than words, and these actions would reflect why the buyer should choose your home. In other words, find some ways to connect the buyer and the house together. It’s like putting them on a date, figuratively.

For example, you could implement a “No Shoes” rule, letting them appreciate your tidy interior from carpeting to flooring. Buyers will appreciate this as no one wants their house to be dirtied by mud and slush from outside. Show them hospitality by offering them warm food and drinks while sharing exciting and relatable stories about your home. These will linger with them, enabling more connection.

  1. Market your home outside winter season

With less competition on the market during this season, you have the perfect opportunity to market you property confidently. By showing photos highlighting the best parts or look of the house, this weather disadvantage could be resolved. For instance, provide them with photos of your exterior during summer or fall, or even the surrounding area as well for more appeal. For a more professional touch you could hire a photographer for this. This is an effective manner of advertising your house without having to deal with uncertainty and competition.

  1. Price your home correctly.

Utilizing the season as an advantage for higher pricing may be optimal, but do it exorbitantly, and your buyers will turn their backs on you no matter how exquisite your house looks. Letting your home remain in the market for too long is no good either – winter does not last forever, unless you live in the North Pole or Antarctica, that is. Get a reliable adviser, a licensed real estate agent, to set an appropriate price that will attract your buyers easily. He/she must be able to monitor the market and properly advise you the right time to adjust your pricing.