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Best Pets for Apartment

It’s great to live with a pet; but if you’re living in an apartment, there are bound to be some limits to your animal of choice. Below is a list of the best pets suited for apartment living.

Is It Time to Fix Your Interest Rates Now?

As its name suggests, a fixed interest in your home loan will allow you to fix the interest rate of your loan for a certain period of time, mostly in one to five years.

Popular Running Tracks in Inner City

Looking to stretch your legs and get a good workout? Hit up the best running tracks. Don your sneakers and make your way past the most iconic Melbourne landmarks.

Is the Apartment Market Crashing?

Rentals are developing faster than the other portions of the housing market, edging out home purchases. In the recent years, all housing demands is filled by apartment rentals – a unique change to newer generations. Why are rentals now very popular?

Buying off the plan

Below some fantastic tips for buying off the plan – whether you are an investor or an owner-occupier, it’s certainly worth a read.