Home Buying Tips: Moving To Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne has been ranked as the best city to live in the world – for the the 7th year straight! It has achieved this rating due to its infrastructure, transportation, and safety. Melbourne is second to none when it comes to convenient travel, abundance of nature, and stress-free environmental living. As such, Melbourne is the first choice for Australian residents to dwell or move in. It also has been a haven for tourism and migration with a strong economy and rich culture well evidenced.

However, this high level of comfort comes at a price. Cost always must come to mind but having the right knowledge before taking action is equally important.

Here is some savvy tips to guide you in the right direction if you are in the market.

Have a quick browse, take some notes, and we are confident that they may assist you in making that important next step.

Determine what you really want.

Buying a property in Melbourne is a lifetime decision for most of us. As such so it is extremely important to have a vivid picture of your dream property in mind. Do you want to enjoy the city proper? Or live peacefully in the suburbs? Are you thinking of purchasing an older house, an apartment or flat? Melbourne offers a lot of choices that may suit your lifestyle and needs.

Research everything about your preferred property.

Have a comprehensive understanding of the type of property that you are looking for. Going to a battle unarmed is highly risky and dangerous, and in this case mentioned, you may end up wasting your hard-earned money. Be fully informed by searching the Internet, being present in actions, speaking with reliable real estate agents and regularly monitoring auction results. Realistically speaking, living in Melbourne is costly but it is definitely worth the paycheck and if purchased strategically, will become a fantastic financial asset.

If you’re buying property via auction, make sure that the advertising and price is not misleading or deceptive. Determine if the seller is in good faith and has the necessary documents proving ownership.

Keep your budget in check.

There is many fees to manage once you have moved in. Ensure to cater in your budget for , for renovation costs, real estate agent fees, settlements, taxes, and more. Compare notes from your research and set a healthy budget considering your financial standing and future plans.

Hire the right people for the job.

You will be working with a lot of people during this arduous process, so make sure that the people you hire are perfectly competent and skilled. These include estate agents, legal practitioners, conveyancers, financial advisers, lenders, architects, and surveyors, among others. Check out their portfolio, track record or previous performances with other clients.

When hiring a real estate agent, he/she must provide an estimated selling price that is reasonable and comparable to what you have researched. Agents must be trustworthy and be can easily be contacted during auctions and inspections.

If you prefer to renovate an established property, ask an experienced architect, draftsperson or builder for advice. They must be able to identify if the property needs further repair and maintenance.

Conduct regular inspections of your property.

So you finally found that dream Melbourne house and it fits perfectly into your budget? You have the right people to aid you? Then now is the time to actually pay regular visits to your property. Knowing the property face-to-face is necessary as you will be fully aware of its features and state. It also gives you a general sense of what the local area is like. Does it really follow what has been said in the advertisement? Does it need to be refurbished? Is it free of foul odor from factories and farms? Or Is it prone to noise barrage and loud neighbors? Is it easily accessible? Have a checklist of what you need and make sure it is fulfilled accordingly.

Although Melbourne is ideally the perfect place to live in, you should still consider checking out if your area has the right utilities. Make sure the internet is fast and water pressure is strong. Does the dwelling have gas and electricity available. Any Solar Usage?. Check if the septic system works appropriately as well.

Now that you have followed these tips, you can finally proceed with the settlement and ownership of the property and live the Melbournian life!!