Must Have Home Buys

Starting anew might be harsh and overwhelming whether you live in Melbourne or any other city. Getting all the necessities will always be your first step. Fortunately, we have provided the basics on what things to get as first-time home buyers.

Being practical is not only about getting the lowest price for the best quality possible. More often, it’s all about being smart in investing your money into properties that will serve you perpetually. With that said, here are must have home buys you need to take note and prioritize when you are moving in.


You are making a first impression when showing your exterior to your visitors. Having a clean, new look in your exterior will encourage them to proceed further.

If you have a lawn, you might opt for a lawnmower to manage your exterior properly. Then you can put plants as well to create a more inviting vibe.

Optional: Mailboxes and light porches add a homey vibe, but they are not totally necessary for now.

Living Room

Your living room is the first thing people are going to see when they enter your home. It has to look presentable and it has to wow your visitors. Getting a futon or a sofa is obviously necessary to host your guests. Pair that with good coffee or end table made from sturdy material, and stylish chairs with excellent cushioning. Lastly, you might want to get a stand for entertainment purposes, like a TV or DVD stand.

Kitchen and Dining Area

The appeal of your kitchen and dining area matters as well especially if you usually host parties or you just love to eat. A home is not complete without a kitchen. This is why many homemakers invest time and money to make their kitchens a fantastic look and a bright atmosphere. A seamless kitchen feels complete, well-organized, and engaging.

For whatever reason, the table is one of the most indispensable furniture you will have. It serves multiple purposes. For instance, the dining table is the usual gathering spot for families and friends who wish to spend time with each other. Pair that with chairs or stools, or you could simply buy an entire dining set if your budget can allow it.

If you have more space left, you can put furniture for storing your other kitchen appliances as well.


Your bathroom supplies will depend on how you bought the house. If the home looks brand new, then you don’t need to buy much. Meanwhile, you are just installing everything, you might have to spend on installing a toilet seat and/or a bathtub or a shower.

In any case, you need these supplies for your bathroom:

  •    Shower curtain and liner.
  •    Mirror with compartments for your toiletries
  •    Trash can
  •    Sturdy bath mat to catch water drippings on the floor


The bedroom is your private place, and a house will not be complete without one. Your bed will depend on the space available and the number of people moving with you. Have some space for your dresser or wardrobe cabinet. You might want to opt for a nightstand too.


You would need a toolbox filled with handy items to help you with emergency repairs, or dealing with other home concerns. These items should at least be part of your checklist:

  •    Hammers
  •    Assorted Screwdrivers
  •    Hacksaw
  •    Pliers
  •    Plumber and Basin Wrench
  •    Small Power Drill and Drill Bits
  •    Nail Driver
  •    Staple Gun
  •    Tape Measure
  •    Electrical Tester
  •    Wire Nuts
  •    Assorted Screws and Nails
  •    Assortment of Sandpaper

Generally, you can hire a painter to remodel your home every now and then, but doing it yourself will save you money. As long as you have the skill, that is. Either way, you might be needing cans of paint if you need to do some refurbishing on your walls or ceilings.

Purchase Decision

When you buy furniture, you need to consider a lot of factors. Are you living alone or are you with someone or with your family? How long do you plan to stay in your flat? Do you invite guests regularly? Are you leaning more on style or affordability?

The budget could be your main constraint when getting furniture. If you are planning to stay long-term in your flat, choose the furniture that is durable so that you would not buy frequently. Do not buy impulsively. Think ahead before you purchase. Watch out for discounts and bargains but only buy from trusted stores. Check the furniture thoroughly for defects before marking it as sold to ensure that it is working correctly.