Qualities of a Good Broker or Agent

Somehow, you find yourself in a bind while searching for that dream home in Melbourne. You have envisioned every single detail in your mind, but some factors are still hindering you to materialize the goal. These determinants, such as lack of information and connection, have to be taken into consideration as soon as possible. If not, they might ruin your opportunities and finances.

Finding a good real estate broker is truly a wise decision for you to be free from such a predicament. You can find numerous agents who specialize in Melbourne real estate. The question lies on who among them have the most noteworthy qualities. We can help you out by laying down this list of traits and abilities an excellent real estate broker must possess:

  1. Knowledge in local markets and current affairs

We decided to merge these two sets of information as they are equally important. As long as the broker has the ample knowledge and experience conducting business in a specific area, you are assured a higher chance of getting the most out of your money. Staying updated on the latest trends in real estate and in the local market will a broker to serve clients more effectively.

Don’t be shy to ask your broker for his credentials and list of clients. If you are moving to Melbourne, it is preferable if the agent is from the area as well.

  1. Strong attention to detail and ability to organize

The process of either buying or selling a home is definitely tedious and even confusing at times. There are lots of paperwork involved and regulations needed to be followed. You need to choose someone who’s born meticulous to this specific information. Messing up with serious technicalities can be costly.

As a general rule, they must be able to return client calls and make every appointment in a punctual manner.

Meticulousness in an agent is present when he is able to possess enough foresight to aid you in your transactions. Knowing how to deal with auctioned properties and MLS listings are good examples.

  1. Connections and representation

As brokers grow connections along with their experiences. This vast network includes other real estate brokers, potential buyers and sellers, appraisers, auctioneers, home inspectors and mortgages officers. In other words, they are intermediaries to these people. By talking to the broker, you must be able to feel like you are communicating directly to these real estate industry players.

  1. Sturdy resolve

Many say that persistence is key to everything. A good real estate broker knows this by heart and he applies it to whoever he is working with. After all, brokers are like salesmen; they have to persuade clients with an indomitable will or else they won’t have food on the table.

In addition, an outstanding agent never underestimates the power of hustle. They possess a great work ethic which is helpful in attaining many goals. However, there is a limit to this power, which is where you should draw the line somehow. There is a difference between someone who’s charges without thinking ahead and someone who thrusts forward upon weighing a lot of factors. Obviously, the latter is much better.

  1. Humble and Confident at the Same Time

Is having both modesty and confidence even possible at this point, especially in the real estate industry? Well, the answer is a resounding yes! Confidence goes along with tenacity, but humility is a virtue that balances out these former qualities really well. The “all bark, no bite” mentality is so overrated anyway. You need an agent who can speak more through action but can communicate eloquently and respectfully as well.

  1. Pleasing Personality

You may notice that brokers usually are well-groomed, tidy, and presentable. This is not just purely for vanity; it is more like selling themselves first before their skills. When you look at it, no matter how exceptional an agent is, if he looks crappy, people will ignore him. Looks do sell, and that is the reality of life.

Having said that, you need to avoid brokers who appear too gaudy and flashy. There will be times when a conversation with a broker focuses more on his personal achievements and life experiences than what he can do. When this happens to you, then maybe it is time to move on to the next agent. You never signed for a bragging contest or a romantic date, anyway.

  1. Has Integrity and Honesty

The last thing you need is an agent who sugarcoats things a lot. He should be able to be truthful and realistic with his statements. He must only state hard facts, as nothing is more harmful than a make-believe lie. Opinions are fine, as long as he does not claim them as facts.