Small Backyard Ideas

Obviously, the backyard is the very first thing your guests notice when they visit your home. Putting simple greenery and mowing the lawn are standard procedures in beautifying them. However, we know you can do better than that. Experiment with these timeless, stylish, small background ideas to wow everyone. Take these property investment tips to heart and who knows, you might even impress potential buyers in the future.

  1. Putting up a Murphy Bar

Fancy, flexible, and functional, these three words describe the Murphy style. We know it’s cool to have an outdoor bar to enjoy the night sky while having fun with your friends and family. When not in use, you can simply fold the entire structure into a compartment for your plants, so it’s not a total waste of space. No need to move them over.

  1. Vertical Landscaping

Hacking your property’s dimensions provide an illusion of having more space. You cannot do much about the width, so why not try making it look taller by doing vertical landscaping? It enables the eye to take height into account when observing the yard, making it look spacious.

Just make sure to put plants with varying heights to exploit on the visuals you’re bringing out. You can include varieties of tall trees, stoic greenery, and expansive ivy. Stack shorter plants in graduated planters or flower beds to create more visual impact.

  1. Laying Down Faux Greenery

Lawn management can be a pain often, so getting a grass-like flooring is totally not a bad idea. Pair it with awesome furniture and cushion and you’ll create the perfect patio. It’s way more practical than mowing your lawn periodically.

  1. Setting Up an Herb Garden

Who doesn’t love herbs in their food? It’s even better if you grow them instead of buying them from the store. Fresh herbs are the best, and when treated with love, they will grow to add flavor to any dish. Dedicate a specific section in your backyard to herbs. You can use recycled tins and jars to plant them. Make sure you put labels on these compartments for a creative touch.

  1. Making Toolshed From Old Doors And Windows

Here’s another recycling idea, this time for your dilapidated doors and windows. If you have enough wood to enclose space, then you can convert these old materials into something more functional, like a toolshed. You may install wheels and handles if you prefer a removable one.

  1. Building Your Own Terrarium/s

Terrariums look more like art than an actual storage for your plant. You can typically find attractive terrariums at any design store. They are made from hand blown glass, so it is definitely not cheap. If you are opting for frugal or creative alternatives, some lavishly made glass containers may do the trick. You can also get old coffee pots from secondhand shops, or just in your home lying around. Just remove the handle by detaching the tiny screw that clutches the plastic and metal ring in place.

  1. Adding Some Depth

Aside from vertical landscaping, there are other ways on how you could possibly create an illusion of space for your backyard. One of which is by adding some depth. Hanging a few vintage mirrors on your fence enables you to see the reflection of the surrounding greenery. As a result, you can make it seem larger than it actually is. Such a reliable trick, isn’t it?

  1. Creating Focal Points with Pathways

When people check out a specific area, they tend to scan it as a whole. This is one of the easiest ways to determine how much square footage is really accessible. By creating a strong focal point to land on, you can change that perception. Upon doing this, your guests will appreciate how expansive your backyard is, despite its small space.

Try creating a pathway through your backyard using pavers or stones. This method will outline a clear sense of movement throughout the area. If you prefer to segregate your yard for multiple functions, make sure that you have included a pathway to each area.

  1. Decorating with Amenities

Experience a comfier feel at your home by enjoying the outdoors. You can make it possible by adding amenities such as cushions, pillows, and more. Not only they improve your backyard’s design, but they also create an inviting and relaxed outdoor area. This will encourage you and your guests to use your backyard more often. Additionally, you can add shade ideas like gazebos, arbors, and umbrellas to keep people protected from the sun.