Tenant Information


We believe in paying attention to your needs and providing a high level of service to you.

This handbook aims to do that by providing you with general information about your tenancy and guidance on our processes, in a simple and straightforward manner. It states your responsibilities as a tenant and the role that your property manager plays in helping you keep everything in order.

Do keep this booklet on hand during your tenancy as you will find information about repairs and maintenance that will be of assistance to you if issues do arise.

Do take the time to read through the following pages. If you have any questions with the information presented, feel free to consult with your Property Manager who will be happy to advise you. You can also visit our website Properties for Rent in Melbourne to find more helpful tenant information.

On behalf of Core Realty, we welcome you to your home. We trust that you’ll work with us to foster a winning relationship and make your tenancy a pleasant experience.